The Punches Just Keep on Coming

The reality of Evelyn’s diagnosis of Rett Syndrome, and all that it entails, still surprises me at times. The fact that it can alter even the simplest things catches me off guard that it feels like a punch in the gut all over again. Something as inconsequential as going out to eat, which if you know our family you know how much we love food, can become the biggest feat and a simple pleasure that we do not partake in often.

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Stephen Fowler
After the Disney Magic

We have been home for a week now, from our most amazing experience at Disney World with Make-A-Wish and we still miss it just as much as the day we left. Every part of Evie’s wish being granted was filled with so much thought and care by so many amazing volunteers and staff. The fact that these people spend their week nights and weekends getting to know a child in the most special way is something I am sure our little family will never forget.

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