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Here are three simple ways that we could use your support...


1. Speak Up

Rett Syndrome is an extremely rare genetic brain disorder that only occurs in less that 1,000 girls in the world each year.  Chances are, most people do not know anything about it.  By doing something as simple as sharing Evelyn's story with other people through social media and other platforms, or wearing a T-shirt,  you are helping to give a voice to not only her, but also the many others who are living with Rett.  The more people that know about Rett, the better!

2. Pray

Whether we find a cure one day or not, we know that God has blessed us with Evelyn for a purpose. We simply ask that you pray for not only Evelyn, but for every girl and family that is living with Rett Syndrome.  We realize that we are extremely fortunate with Evelyn - she is doing much better than a lot of other girls with Rett.  Prayer works and we know that without the love and prayers of so many, we would not be where we are today.  

3.  Give

Living with Rett Syndrome comes at a high cost.  Everything from tests, screenings, therapies, medications, adaptive equipment and medical technology adds up to a great financial burden on families living with Rett Syndrome.  By giving to Evelyn's Voice, you are helping Evelyn have the best life possible by giving her access to everything she needs.

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